Company profiles

European virtues spread to global markets

First Elevator Factory was founded in Huzhou in 1978 and produced the first lift

It became the first batch of units of production license which was awarded by country in 1988

It changed the name as “Huzhou Schindler Lift Company of Limited Liability” in 2001

In 2003 the Chinese production base was constructed, which is Zhejiang VOLKSLIFT Co., Ltd.


In 2008 the first phase of standard workshop of 60,000 square meters was established.

The company changed the name as “VOLKSLIFT (China) Limited Liability Company” in 2010,

The ten thousand square meters’ office block and 108 meters’ test-tower of the second phase project of VOLKSLIFT (China) company of limited liability was completed in 2012

The company successfully researched and developed the 7.0M/S super high-speed lifts and obtained the manufacturing license in 2013. Salvagnini Flexible Sheet Metal Processing Center and Robot Automatic Welding System were introduced from Europe.

In 2014, the foundations of phase II standardized factory of 40,000 square meters and core parts manufacturing center of 60,000 square meters were laid.

In 2016, Volkslft was formally signed with the Schindler, one of the most famous elevator manufacturers in the world,.The development of Volkslft was stepping into a new stage.

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