Human resource conception

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Applicant facing the human resource panel during her job interview, nervously flipping through her resume

1, human resource is the most value-added, and the resources of the fastest growing companies.

In the enterprise of all the investment, is the most valuable investment in the people themselves. Talent is the first resource of the enterprise, is the most important capital enterprises. By getting rich knowledge, to develop software in the success of Bill Gates, he has already reached $200 billion, the total assets, however, his business is created by the value of human capital.

2, an enterprise, especially the top managers can truly establish “people-oriented” management thinking, and is directly related to enterprise can effective implementation of strategic human resource management.

If the enterprise top managers cannot fully on thought understanding of the importance of human resource development and management, can not be from the organization and resources of enterprise human resources development and management to support and input, the implementation of strategic human resource development and management also is impossible.

3, enterprise human resources management is the implementation of the service for the enterprise management strategy.

Shift the focus of the enterprise human resources management to combine with corporate strategy, the tactical management of human resources to the strategic management, has become the era of knowledge economy for the long-term development of the enterprises to improve business performance, an important subject.

4, each employee is the wealth of the company, is to develop a treasure.